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System Totals
System Totals
Computers 38.24 83.68%
LCD Monitors 3.02 6.60%
Fax 1.49 3.26%
Laptops 1.17 2.56%
Servers 0.89 1.96%
UPS 0.45 0.98%
Networking 0.22 0.47%
Wire/Cables 0.13 0.27%
Batteries 0.10 0.22%
Carbon Footprint & Environmental Impact
Carbon Footprint Saving
40.19 (metric tons)
Tons Recycled: 44.31
Barrels of oil saved
Homes powered for 1 month
Gallons of gasoline saved
Vehicles removed from road for 1 year
Tree carbon processing equivalent
Real time customer data access and statistics

In today's economy, developing an in-house recycling program can be too costly and inefficient for most companies and organizations. E-Scrap Technologies takes the worry out of the disposing of your electronic equipment while managing your concerns regarding privacy and environmental responsibility.

We save you time and money by gathering and organizing all of your recycling data into comprehensive reports and statistics for your individual projects and your company as a whole.

E-Scrap picks up electronic waste from
anywhere in the US. Nationwide logistics.

The team at E-Scrap Technologies wants to support your efforts. We encourage you to contact us today and describe what items and quantities you have to recycle. If your organization qualifies for our complimentary pick-up service, E-Scrap Technologies will come on site to pick-up the equipment. No hassle, no carrying of heavy equipment. Simply ask us if the complimentary pick-up service is available to you.

Take a moment to review the equipment in your organization and identify what can be removed and recycled for another use.
Here is a list of E-Scrap Technologies Item Accepted List.
Phone Systems
Cell Phones
Computers / PC / Laptops
PC peripherals and loose hardware
(Monochrome and CRTs, a small fee may apply)
Video Conferencing Equipment
Printers/ Toners / Ink cartridges
Servers / Mainframes
Networking Equipment