About Us

E-scrap Technologies is an emerging company in the new and evolving electronics recycling industry. Established in 2005, our combined experience in the fields of electronic recycling, networking, installations, and consulting, the professionals at E-Scrap Technologies can safely and efficiently manage your electronic disposal, and networking needs both within a corporate and community setting.

The electronic recycling industry is within its infancy that only recently has the government begun to regulate the way used electronics can be disposed. E-Scrap Technologies collects and sorts many types of computer and related items and recycles them by de-manufacturing the components and selling the individual raw materials, or by reselling the useful parts.

In the new "green" world we live in, it is in everyone's best interest to dispose of these materials in an environmentally friendly manner. Nearly every element in a computer is recyclable. Our process renders 99.5% of each component reusable in some way.

Privacy is also a growing concern as electronic correspondence and record keeping increase. You can rest assured that your privacy will be protected by E-Scrap Technologies to the degree you see fit. Methods to protect your privacy include erasing your hard drive to exceed the Department of Security standards or by shredding your hard drive in our new hard drive shredding machine*. E-Scrap Technologies will provide a certificate of disposal or destruction which insures you that your data has been destroyed in accordance with your wishes.

In today's economy, developing an in-house recycling program can be too costly and inefficient for most companies and organizations. E-scrap Technologies takes the worry out of the disposing of your electronic equipment while managing your concerns regarding privacy and environmental responsibility.

*A small fee may be applied to hard drive shredding.